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CIO Applications magazine has published a list of the Top 25 security companies of 2018.

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Gartner Identifies the Top Six Security and Risk Management Trends:

  • Trend No. 1: Senior Business Executives Are Finally Becoming Aware That Cybersecurity Has a Significant Impact on the Ability to Achieve Business Goals and Protect Corporate Reputation
  • Trend No. 2: Legal and Regulatory Mandates on Data Protection Practices Are Impacting Digital Business Plans and Demanding Increased Emphasis on Data Liabilities
  • Trend No. 3: Security Products Are Rapidly Exploiting Cloud Delivery to Provide More-Agile Solutions
  • Trend No. 4: Machine Learning Is Providing Value in Simple Tasks and Elevating Suspicious Events for Human Analysis
  • Trend No. 5: Security Buying Decisions Are Increasingly Based on Geopolitical Factors Along With Traditional Buying Considerations
  • Trend No. 6: Dangerous Concentrations of Digital Power Are Driving Decentralization Efforts at Several Levels in the Ecosystem

Read the full article here.

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